Meet Tony

Better Than Ever Founder, Director & Motivational Phenomenon


I love people!

I've been a trainer for over 30 years and I've trained thousands of people from the disabled to the elite, and there's nothing better than seeing the joy in a person's eyes, the passion they feel for life, and the A-Ha Moment when a person realises that...  "You know what? I CAN DO THIS! and they do.

There's nothing better. Nothing!

I absolutely love seeing people achieve their Better Than Ever Goal and that is my objective.  My passion is to help people become the best version of themselves.  I want everyone I meet and have the privilege to train to be BETTER THAN EVER!    To bring a person back from the depths of depression, a life of blah where they are simply going through the motions to an exceptional life!  From Ordinary to EXTRAordinary, from Zero to SUPERHERO. It's like a drug and I crave it every day.  I just want EVERYONE to succeed and be happy.


I have a degree in Applied Sciences (Exercise and Sports Sciences), and I'm a Level 2 Anthropometrist.  Which basically means I'm qualified to measure the human body and develop the best program to suit that body type.

I also have a Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness.


There is no training style that I favour over another.  I treat each person I train as an individual and I cater the routine or program that best suits that individual.  There's not one program that suits everyone.  If that was the case, we'd all be on the same program.  Everyone is different, so it's important to design a program that suits each person individually.  That's the best way to get results!


C.D.C - Commitment. Discipline. Consistency.

You need to COMMIT to your goal otherwise it's never going to happen.  You need to be disciplined otherwise you're never going to stick to your program.  And you MUST be consistent otherwise what's the point?  There's no point in starting and stopping and starting and stopping.  That never works!  It's like chopping an oak tree down.  It's never gonna happen with one swipe of the axe.  It's about checking how sharp the axe is, sharpening it if it needs to be sharpened, and being consistent with striking the tree.  One hit at a time.  Eventually, the tree will fall.  It's the same with getting results.

Rock up and DO THE WORK!

Anything! I love food!  I exercise so I can eat whatever I want on my 1 bad day.  I live the 6 and 1 Rule.  6 Good Days where I don't eat any junk, drink alcohol, and I stick to my eating plan diligently.  Then, 1 day a week (usually a Saturday night when my wife Lucy and I go out for dinner with friends, etc) I eat whatever I want, drink whatever I want, and I just let my hair down and simply enjoy life!


"There Will Always Be a Thousand Reasons Why You Can't Do It.  There Only Needs To Be One Why You Can!" - Anonymous

"If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can't.  You're Always Right!" - Henry Ford

"Results Start Here!  Everybody Deserves To Be Better Than Ever!" - Tony Mennillo

I've competed in many events.  I can 7th in 2009 in an Ultra Marathon in Adelaide, Completed 3 Marathons (Adelaide (2009), New York, (2016) and Melbourne (2018), and competed in more Half marathons (21.1km), 10km events, etc than I can remember.

I participate in events now to support our Better Than Ever Family members.  I enjoy seeing people achieve their Better Than Ever Goal of running a marathon, Half Marathon, etc.  So, when some asks me to run with them, I say "Sure. Let's do it!"