Better Than Ever Sanitisation Process
Keeping our clients and staff safe

To ensure a safe environment for all members we have put in place a sanitisation process that we ask every client, staff member and visitor to please take note of and action upon entry to our premises.


1. Please take note of the decals set at 1.5m distance outside of the studio. If you arrive at the same time as another person, please ensure you keep that 1.5m distance.


2. When you get to the door pull an antibacterial wipe from the dispenser. Wipe down the keypad then enter the entry code. Use the same wipe to pull the door handle open. If there are other people behind you, feel free to hold the door open for them.


3. In the Welcome area, please use the hand sanitiser in front of the studio door.


4. From there, follow the arrows keeping 1.5m apart until you reach the lockers. Wipe down your locker with the antibacterial wipes provided before you put your items down.


5. You will be required to wash your hands prior to warming up or beginning a class.


6. We require all members to bring a FULL bottle of water and a clean towel to each session. If you require more water, you can purchase a bottle. We also offer towel hire if you forget yours. Use of the taps to refill water bottles is currently not permitted until further notice.


7. Antibacterial wipes will be available all around the studio. If you are using a cardio machine please wipe down the machine before and after use. If no antibacterial wipe is available on the machine you are using, please ask one of our team members.


8. All classes at this stage will be reduced to six (6) people until further notice. Please note the decals on the open studio floor which have been set 1.5m apart which represent a station. Before each class you will be asked to select the weights that you will be using for that entire class and you can only use those pieces of equipment at your designated station.


9. At the end of every class you will be given antibacterial wipes or spray and you will be asked to clean each piece of equipment you have used for that session.


10. As you leave please ensure that you wipe down your locker once you have removed your items and leave your towel in the hamper provided.


11. Once your session is over, please leave the premises immediately and avoid loitering in the car park.


We are taking this process very seriously at Better Than Ever with our studio being cleaned each day by our Care Team, to ensure that we can operate in an environment that will keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable in our facility. Any person breaching any of the above instructions will immediately be asked to leave. Any person presenting with cold or flu like symptoms, will be asked to go home and rest.