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What to expect

● 12x VIP 1 on 1 sessions with a Master Coach (3x sessions per week over 4 weeks)
● Access to over 50 weekly classes for FREE
● All sessions are 50 minutes
● 1 on 1 sessions conducted in a Private Studio
● Detailed Personalised Health Assessment
   • Access to ShaeFit & Shae App
   • Complete Nutrition Plan
   • Complete Exercise Plan with a huge library of additional exercises
   • Detailed Meal Plan with over 12,000 recipes built in and shopping lists!
   • Complete Food lists that are best suited to you
   • Complete Lifestyle Plan for how you can thrive in any environment.
   • Monthly Reassessment
● 1x MyZone MZ3 Heart Rate Strap to monitor & access to MyZone App
● Access to our Better Than Ever Family Private Facebook Page

Investment = 12 x 57.91 = 695

All 12 1 on 1 sessions must be completed within the 4 weeks from first session start date. If a session is missed and not made up within the 4 week period, it will be forfeited.