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Laura Schulz


My name is Laura & I’m a busy Mum of one that juggles family & a small business. Unfortunately, fitness and health can sometimes take a back seat when life gets busy. However, at Better Than Ever, I am surrounded by people that prioritise health and know that good health is the key to every facet of your life. A fit & healthy woman, equals a strong, confident & energetic woman that can achieve anything she sets her mind to.

Tony at Better Than Ever always knows exactly how to motivate me & keep me on track towards achieving my weight loss & health goals. Tony leads by example & constantly inspires me to live a healthy life to ensure a ‘better than ever’ me.

Laura Bosi

Laura B

I was never one for the gym as I found it hard to get motivated and felt that when I did go, there were no results as I would just attend a class or just go on the treadmill. Joining Better Than Ever changed my life; the personal trainers tailored an exercise plan for me which also included exercises to do at home using my own equipment or things I had around the house.

I would never have been able to achieve what I did without their help and ongoing support. Their positivity and support boosted my moral and helped improve my own personal image and self confidence. I now know I can achieve anything and am happy with my body which is something I never would have thought was possible.

Rinaldo D'Aloia

Rinaldo D

I owe a very positive turnaround in my life to Tony Mennillo and the team at Better Than Ever. Just over a year ago I was a stressed out, over worked, very unhealthy, corporate lawyer. I had very little energy and didn’t feel very good at all. I knew I needed be in better physical shape but really didn’t know where to start. With a very busy work and family life I wasn’t paying any attention to myself. The turning point was a good friend with MS who decided to arrange a team to run the New York Marathon and raise money for “Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis”. He asked me to run. At first I thought this was a joke as I couldn’t even run from my carpark to my office chair let alone 42km. In no uncertain terms he said I really had no excuse other than I had to get myself fit and in shape. So in February 2016 I went to see Tony. His approach was direct but realistic. I was very anxious and really wasn’t sure how to tackle this mammoth and somewhat unrealistic task at the time. We started with one small step and a very positive attitude. Tony said we had a lot of work in front of us but if I listened to him and stuck to the plan I would complete the marathon in 10 months. He continually instilled that belief. Slowly I started seeing results. Each week I was getting lighter, running longer and feeling stronger and on 6 November 2016 I achieved what most people thought would be an impossible goal and completed the New York Marathon. I also lost a considerable amount of weight, gained my physical life back, helped raise $150,000 for our charity OMS, and became an inspiration to my three young children who were all there at the finish line. Life is Great and I feel BETTER THAN EVER!

Luke Francesca

Luke F

Since the age of 16 I embarked on changing my health. My life got very hectic I was faced with the realisation that faced me when I looked in the mirror. I had put on a HUGE amount of weight and I needed to stop killing myself. It was highly recommended that I see Tony Mennillo from Better Than Ever to get my health and life back on track.

Tony not only taught and guided me with the correct fitness techniques and healthy eating habits, but mentored me and actually showed me how to have balance in my life. Tony and the team at Better Than Ever really practice what they preach and it shows. It only takes one! One day! One Sit Up! One Hour! So, stop making excuses and start making that time to feel better than ever!