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1 on 1 Personal Training

At Better Than Ever, Personal Training is taken very seriously, and it is not a fast food drive through service where you pay a huge amount of money and have to share your session with other people, or be put on display for everyone else to watch what you and your trainer are doing. No! At Better Than Ever you are No. 1 and you will have one trainer giving you 100% of their attention so that we can maximise the probably of you getting the results you want. You will have the entire area and equipment for yourself to use with your own "personal" trainer, because after all... Isn't that what personal training is all about? We're putting the "personal" back into "personal training" and giving you what you deserve – 100% attention. 100% commitment. 100% results!

Tony Mennillo is the founder and head trainer of Better Than Ever Pty Ltd.
  With a Sports Science degree, a Level 2 Anthropometrist, and a Level 3 Registered Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia, plus over 22 years experience, training over 3000 clients from the disabled to high level athletes. There are very few trainers that can do what he can for you. Whatever your goal…

Tony believes that it can be achieved. Just ask and a finely tuned, structured program will be designed and implemented along with an eating plan, and goal setting plan to ensure you get what you want.

"There will always be a thousand reasons why you can't do it. There only needs to be one why you can."
– anonymous

1 hour Exclusive
1 on 1 Personal Training = $80

30 mins Exclusive
1 on 1 Personal Training = $50

Contact Tony on
8244 2558 or 0412 806 333 or
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