Meet Matt

Strength & Conditioning Master Coach


I always had my heroes growing up as a child. Arnold Schwarzenegger was my favourite. He just seemed larger than life. His movies were awesome, but what really stood out to me was his physique. It was out of this world! Not, that I would ever compare myself to the governator but at the age of 17 I stood on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. I was a vastly underweight 53kg teenager with no strength, and knocking on the door of anorexia.

I had low self esteem and would always try and hide my body. Even on a hot 40 degree day, I would wear oversized jumpers to avoid my skinny frame from being seen. It was time to change. I wanted to become strong and not be embarrassed by my body anymore. I did not know much about training or nutrition at the time. I enlisted the help of a friend who lifted weights as part of his Judo training.

So, my change began in a garage with an old weight set most would scoff at. Still, I had everything I needed. Gradually as my weight crept up, I got to a point where I was much more confident. I now had the body I wanted and had strength I could only dream of in the past. I did not want to stop progressing and I developed a love for strength training and became addicted to the thrill of adding weight to the bar.

My knowledge at this point had grown significantly as I devoured as much research as possible. I developed new authorities and read as much as I could. Soon, amongst my circle of friends, while not a trainer at this point, I became an expert on strength training. Giving advice and training friends, I learnt that I enjoyed training others as much as myself and eventually I set off to obtain the essential qualifications to excel in my new chosen field of work.

It’s common to come across someone who has suffered an injury or diminished  quality of life. For someone to have chronic back pain, and use strength training as a platform to give them confidence in their body, to be able to do activities that most people take for granted, gives me extreme satisfaction. For example, playing with the grandchildren, getting up from the couch, doing the gardening, going on hikes, or just going about daily life with more resilience, is amazing.

This is why I love what I do. I love helping people.

Cert. III & IV Fitness
Pregnancy and post-natal training
Female health and performance
Cert. First Aid & CPR