Meet Matt


I started strength training at the age of 17 with a Judo friend of mine. At 5’5 I was weighing 52KG and I was drastically underweight. It would not be incorrect to assume that I was borderline anorexic. I was very conscious and intimidated by my appearance, so much so, that even during the heart of summer I would wear long sleeves to hide. There I was, on a 40-degree day and wearing a jumper so I couldn’t be seen. My strength was non – existent. I could not bench press or squat more than 35KG. Not good. As time went on however I was making changes and eventually – as slow as progress was, I brought myself up to where I could finally be happy with how I looked. It was the end of me being conscious about my body, but the beginning of my passion for strength training. Away from training and work I like to focus on home, my family, music and my dog.


Certificate III & IV in fitness (Australian Institute of Personal Trainers). Experience includes strength training from the age of 17 and working in the industry since February 2017.


My training style is strength oriented and is primarily properly performed, full range of motion barbell exercises. My favourite exercise is the Deadlift.


Physical strength is one of the most important things in life as it directly determines the quality and the quantity of our time on this planet. Strength is in fact a measure of how efficiently we interact with our physical environment. All people benefit from being stronger due to a few important adaptions. One being an increase in systemic integrity where a person’s muscle mass and bone density increases. Immune function and metabolic control both improve too. Strength adaption also improves a person’s endurance as each stride or rep becomes more sub maximal. Increased strength has a direct relationship with improved balance, coordination and mobility. Lastly strength acquired improves power, speed and agility.


Seeing people become stronger. That’s it! It’s common to come across a member of our family who has suffered diminished quality of life due to an ailment or simply just a weakness. To see someone who suffers from chronic back pain, then improve their squat and deadlift and be able to pick up grandchildren, get up from the couch, do the gardening, go on hikes with a backpack or just go about daily life more resilient to pain and suffering, is amazing. Improving quality of life inspires me.




“Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, whether you like it or not.”

― Thomas Henry Huxley


Events I’ve participated in include coaching an athlete in the Australasian National Bodybuilding Association in the Muscle and Model category and the MR SA Fitness Model category. The athlete came first in both categories.