Meet Gianni



I was introduced to health and fitness early in life as I competed in athletics at a young age. My interest in personal training arose after I discovered the complexities of running, an activity that once appeared simple. As a result of this, I have become adamant about having a strong understanding of how the body works as I believe is the key factor when maximising each client’s potential and showing them how much they’re able to achieve.

After starting in 2016, I have trained a variety of different people, from beginners wanting to shed those extra kilos before summer hits, to athletes eager to improve in their field. Currently, I am a student at UniSA and I aim to become an Exercise Physiologist/Cognitive Neuroscience Researcher, as I’d like to be able to provide support in all aspects of the health journey.

I have a passion for corrective exercises and rehabilitation programs. I enjoy the process of correcting dysfunctional movements and reducing the risk of injury to enable clients to be able to move in the way the body was designed to. My training style is constantly evolving as I am learning about new training styles and techniques each day. I strongly believe there are as many different training styles as there are stars in the sky. I remain adaptive as the main purpose must always be to ensure that all the sessions are coherent to the clients Better Than Ever goal.

Prioritise your physical and mental health over body shape, what is perceived as having a good physique is simply the byproduct of a healthy lifestyle.

Elliot Hulse, as I admire his approach to training, and he was my introduction to the world of fitness

Santiago Ramón y Cajal, known as the father of neuroscience who has inspired me to research the field.

Callum Hann, for his approach to Nutrition and his impact on the local community.

Jordan Syatt, an online Personal Trainer that I look up to and obtain information from

All the BTE trainers and members for the continuous support and positive attitudes.

Smoked Salmon. I would always share this with my Nonno.


If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” -Isaac Newton

The reason why I love the quote as highlights the importance of learning from others and working in a team and not as an individual