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Introducing you to a new way of Personalised Health

Everybody is different!

• No more one size fits all exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programs
• No more comparing sizes and shapes of bodies to the one idea of a ‘perfect body’
No more comparing your results to your best friends

• No more guess work!

The reason why there is so much confusion, FAD dieting and lack of long term success in health is because we are ALL trying to fit into the same box.
After completing an advanced professional development program in Epigenetic's and Personalised Health, it's allowed us to view the world, and the world of our clients, through a very unique lens.
Now we understand why some clients seem to do really well on an eating plan, love their training and get amazing results, whilst others, following the exact same ‘successful’ program, just do not change! This has been life-changing for so many people on the verge of giving up because ‘nothing seems to work’.
This is designed for your unique body, to provide you with the long term success you have been looking for.

You will need to book in for a Personalised Health Assessment prior to commencing your training at Better Than Ever.

So what's involved?

  • A full and detailed Personalised Health Assessment = $197US p.a ($300AU)
  • Full access to the Shae App = $9.99US/mth ($220AU p.a)
  • Full access to the ShaeFit App = $20US/mth ($240AU p.a)
  • MyZone MZ3 Heart Rate Monitor to use at every session = $150AU
  • 12 x monthly follow up assessment = $99ea (Total $1,188)
  • + BONUS 10 day Immune Booster & Detox Plan = $50

Investment for the above: $2,148
For a limited time only, you can get all of the above for a ridiculous