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Rather than operating like many of other gyms, fitness centres, and personal training studios from one large area where trainers and clients must share equipment and facilities with other members, our clients are with one trainer at one time and they have the entire area to themselves; having exclusive use of all the equipment and 100% attention from their trainer. This ensures that there are no interruptions, no waiting for equipment, and no one else listening in on a private conversation between the client and their trainer.

We believe that this environment will maximise the probability of successful results obtained by the client in the form of weight loss, increased fitness and muscle tone, rehabilitation, injury prevention, better health and well-being. Any aches and pains experienced from the stresses of day to day life can be eased with the help of remedial massage therapy, and through kinesiology, we can help unblock physical, emotional and psychological barriers which might be making you feel "stuck", "out of sorts", or "just not right".

We also have a very close link with other allied health professionals and it's not uncommon for physiotherapists, chiropractors, naturopaths, general practitioners, etc. to refer their patients and clients to us for that continuity of service and higher probably of results through our 100% personal attention from our health professionals. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal – To be "Better Than Ever!"



Tony Mennillo

Founder, Head Trainer and Motivational Phenomenon

A degree in Sports Sciences, a Level 2 Anthropometrist, and a Level 3 Registered Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia. PLUS, with over 30 years experience, training thousands of clients from the disabled to the elite, there are very few trainers that can do what Tony can for you... Whatever the goal!

Tony believes it CAN be done! Just ask, and a finely tuned, structured goal setting, training, and realistic eating plan will be personally designed for you.  It’s that simple. Our goal is your goal.


Lucy Mennillo

Remedial Massage Therapist
Alana Faraone

Alana Faraone



Personal Trainer